It is the policy of Behavioral Aid Solutions Inc, to provide access to mental health services to ALL individuals seeking/requesting assistance at the center.

Following the guidelines of government agencies such as the US Department of Health and Human Services, Behavioral Aid Solutions adhered to the National Health Service Corps provisions in regards to this matter.

When an individual requests services and is unable to render proof of insurance or pay for the published self-pay rates, BAS along with their assigned staff members will work closely to ensure the client has guaranteed access to the services rendered at the center. This effort is intended to minimize financial barriers to clients with limited or no income. All requests will be handled with the upmost dignity and confidentiality.

  • No one will be denied access to services due to inability to pay, and
  • There is a discounted/sliding fee schedule available based on family size and income.


Maximum Annual Income Amounts for each Sliding Fee Percentage Category (except for 0 percent discount)

Based on the 2024 Federal Poverty Guidelines for the 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia. Please note that there are separate guidelines for Alaska and Hawaii, and that the thresholds would differ for sites in those two states. Sites in Puerto Rico and other outlying jurisdictions would use the above guidelines.


We will do our very best to accommodate all clients in need of services. In the event that the client is unable to pay the allocated nominal charges, the services will be provided on a pro-bono basis. This service will be rendered by a practicum student in-site under the supervision of a Licensed Clinician.

Sliding Scale Program Discounts do not apply for Telehealth/Virtual services. They can only be issued for in-person services. 

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