We are a Community Mental Health Center made up of a team of professionals who have been providing behavioral health services to the Miami-Dade community for more than 25 years. Dedicated to serving Mental Health needs in the most professional, reliable and ethical manner, our range of services include Counseling and Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, Infant and Toddler mental health services, Children and Adolescent Therapy, Psychological Testing, Couple's Therapy, Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services, Targeted Case Management and more.

Our History

Behavioral Aid Solutions was founded in 2011 in a small office with the premise of working for the community with a population in need. At that time providing only the Targeted Case Management program which helped many families and individuals to gain access to many resources of the community that would assist in their mental health needs.

The practice moved its main office early 2012 just one year after its initial establishment expanding also the types of services offered to the community, building the clinical program, creating relationships within the community and developing collaborations and growth with several community providers.

Today seven years after establishing itself, a lot has changed. Now its located in a brand new state of the art facility, has grown over 40+ Professionals but still holds that same core identity: We are here for the community, providing the most professional and reliable service.



Behavioral Aid Solutions
1414 NW 107TH Avenue
Suite 109
Miami, Florida,

Phone: 786-762-2952
Fax: 786-762-2953
Email: info@behavioralaid.com