The counseling services we provide are Individual/Family, Couples Therapy and Group Therapy. Therapy is available for Infant/Toddler (0-5), Children & Adolescents (6-18), and for Adults/Elderly. We have a professional team of clinicians that can work with difficulties spanning from depression, bipolar disorders, anxiety and panic attacks, life changes/transitions/end of life issues, divorce, relationship problems, grief/loss issues, family conflicts, career counseling, women’s issues, prenatal issues, cultural/ethnic issues, assimilation difficulties, parenting difficulties, trauma, problems with adjustment, anger management, behavioral modification and/or school difficulties, ADHD, oppositional/defiant behaviors, developmental difficulties, behavioral therapy, etc. We begin working with you through an assessment process to develop an appropriate plan for treatment that is tailored to your individual needs.




We work with couples on issues involving communication difficulties, lack of trust, emotional and physical infidelity, value clarification, and lack of intimacy. Whether you and your partner have been together for just a few months, are considering marriage, or have been coupled or married for many years, we can help you move through the challenges you may face in your relationship.



We have specialized clinicians that work with infants/toddlers exhibiting emotional and behavioral difficulties including temper tantrums, sleeping/eating difficulties, and other problem behaviors with the involvement of their primary caregiver. Our behavior interventions will provide you with tools to help your infant/toddler through any difficulties in their development. Establishing positive behavior patterns early on for healthier development. We work with parents struggling with the many demands of parenting. We provide you with the essential tools and skills necessary to be the best parent you can be. With our help, you will learn new communication skills, positive discipline techniques, effective limit setting, and more. A parent with support is better able to be a supportive parent to their child. 




We work with children and teens experiencing academic, behavioral and emotional difficulties. Our highly skilled psychotherapists and behavior coaches provide guidance and understanding as children and teens learn the skills they need during these difficult periods of transition. Your child’s positive growth and development are our priority­­.





We provide advocacy and social support services for children, adolescents and elderly individuals through our Mental Health Targeted Case Management program. Our dedicated case managers offer you and your loved one the patience, understanding, and knowledge you need to navigate the complicated system of social services and government programs. With our assistance, clients are able to achieve their goals of obtaining the free or low-cost services they are entitled to. Our clients are also able to successfully advance through the naturalization and housing processes.




Group modality available for adults and elderly.  Activities designed to offer clients tools to increase independence and restore functional declines.